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Automated Backups terms of use

Automated Backups is a subscription service whereby your Shortcuts Fusion database (Fusion information including sales, clients, configuration, and other related information) will be automatically backed up to a secure location up to 3 times a day, depending on trading hours. To be clear, the service will not backup any marketing letters, custom reports, attachments or other files on your computer system.

Shortcuts will configure the subscription service to send an email notification with the success status of each backup attempt to the Subscribers nominated email address. Subscriber must maintain a valid configured email address to be used for these notices. The Subscriber is responsible for monitoring the status of the Automated Backup service. It is the Subscribers responsibility to notify Shortcuts if automated backups are not occurring so that Shortcuts can rectify or advise on how to rectify any issues with the service.

Subscriber must maintain an internet service with a third party internet service provider that provides Subscriber with a minimum of 1 GB of uploaded data per month for the automated backups (this is in addition to other use of upload data). Subscriber is responsible for any charges related to the internet service including charges for excess usage.

A user account with administrative privileges shall be created by Shortcuts for sole use by the Automated Backup service. It is the Subscribers responsibility to make sure this account is not altered or adjusted in any way.

Subscriber is responsible for ensuring that the automated backup service is reconfigured correctly to take into account any changes to Subscriber’s email address, email password or internet service provider. Shortcuts Help Desk Services are available at no charge to assist you to reconfigure the Automated Backup service.

Shortcuts are not responsible for unsuccessful backups due to the Subscriber failing to meet any of the above responsibilities.

You must ensure to continue to back up Your data daily to a USB device or equivalent. This service is not designed as a replacement for this backup process.