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Latest Shortcuts Fusion Updates

Posted on 3rd June 2016 by Stephanie Heslop

We have released some updates to Shortcuts Fusion. These changes affect your Shortcuts system, as well as your S.M.A.R.T. System.

These updates will take affect when you use Shortcuts Updates to upgrade to the latest version.

Version no: 8.0.17

If you have any questions please call us on 1300 667 374.

New features

Point of Sale

  • We have added a new tab in the transactions screen called "Trading sessions”. This tab will provide you with useful information such as the opening float balance, petty cash and the current amount of cash available in the register.

Trading sessions

Fixes and improvements

Point of Sale

  • We have improved the security of the point of sales to maintain the integrity of your historical transactions. Once an End of Day has been completed all transactions will be locked down. Any amendments will require a refund which ensures there is a clear record of the changes. This include entire transaction reversals and changes to payments types and assigned employees.
  • When you are returning petty cash and receipts, you will only be able to choose from expenses that are set up as "paid with petty cash".
  • If you are running multiple computer terminals, you can now tick a box to display only the information for the current terminal in the transactions screen.
  • At the end of the day, you can now accurately calculate how much money to bank and how much is allocated top tips in the transaction screen.
  • You can now scroll up and down in the sundry selection screen.
  • You can now ensure that tips are correctly allocated to employees and not to the business, by unticking the "Allow tips to business" checkbox in the Point of Sale Setup screen.
  • If you exit out of the end of day wizard before you have completed it, the float will return to its original balance.
  • The service price and redemption price will now be accurately calculated when a client is redeeming an expired series.


  • The End of Day Till Balance Report now includes discounts relating to Memberships.
  • The Daily Transactions Report now includes details of benefit redemptions, refunds and voids for Memberships. 
  • The Trading Summary Report now correctly calculates the visit count for members who have redeemed multiple benefits.
  • The Session Till Balance Report has been improved to include all cash movements related to the session. 
  • The Extended Employee Performance Report now only displays active employees.

Business Log

  • The Business Log now keeps track of email orders to suppliers.

Memberships and Loyalty

  • You can now deactivate or delete a client who is part of Loyalty or Memberships without receiving an error.
  • You can now prevent staff from crediting or suspending a member of Loyalty or Memberships if they do not have sufficient security permissions.

Walk-in Manager

  • You can now modify all visits and appointments in Walk-in Manager.

Stock Management

  • You can now sort the stock movement history list by both date and time.

Stephanie Heslop

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Evolution Specialist and former beauty therapist Stephanie Heslop has more than eight years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry. Steph is our local webinar guru and loves showing off Shortcuts' latest and greatest features, so salons can get the most out of their software.

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