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Latest improvements to cloud-based features 7.18

Brooke Morkham-Calvert Jan / 24 / 2019

Check out the latest updates to your cloud-based features!

Updates effective from: Tuesday 29th January 2019

Version 7.18

Whats new 

Cloud Reporting 

We hate getting all tied up in spreadsheets and reporting just as much as the next person, which is why we have created a new cloud-based reporting feature.

The Cloud Reporting feature shows you up-to-the-minute data in real time, all presented on a gorgeous, easy-to-use visual dashboard which you can access on your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

The following cloud based reports are now available; Dashboard, Trading Summary and Employee Performance Summary.

Cloud Appointment Book 

  • You are now able to rebook an appointment from the Appointment book for a checked out and non-checkout appointment.

  • We have enhanced the rebook appointment functionality while completing a customers end of sale transaction. The system will now pre select the  customers details and previous services to make the rebooking.
  • When in mobile view, the appointment book sidebar will now display the service categories and services all on one screen.
  • The appearance of the Appointment Book has been adjusted to allow more time slots to fit on screen at once
  • Company Managers and Call Centre Operators favourite configuration has been reorganized so that sites will load Appointment Book by default instead of the main menu.
  • The Calendar Controls have been improved to provide a better user experience

  • A New enhanced theme.
  • All existing Company Managers, Site Managers, Employees and Call Centre Operators will now be given appropriate login access to Cloud.

Resolved issues

Cloud Appointment Book

  • Notifications have been completely removed.
  • Appointment notes can now be edited using the “Appointment Notes” label.
  • Scroll bar behavior has been added to the arriving client menu.
  • The price shown on the Appointment Book sidebar will reflect the Employee’s Level, even if they are not capable of performing the service.
  • Appointments can now be rescheduled without affecting the Action Bar.
  • We have improved the performance when the application is saved and launched from the home screen on Android and iOS devices. It will now display in full screen mode.
  • “No Show” menu item will no longer display for future appointments.
  • When clicking the more menu via an appointment , the overlapping and transparency issue has been resolved.
  • The  “Choose File” button in the customer card is now correctly aligned on iOS devices.
  • On tablet devices we have ensured the client search results screen displays information without it overlapping.
  • Performance improvement have been made to Week View so it will load faster, especially when the same week is viewed subsequent times.
  • Customer phone numbers will always be masked to users if the permission ‘I can view customer contact details’ is set to no.
  • The entire screen will no longer move when trying to scroll on an ipad.
  • Services will now be added to the selected services list as soon as they are clicked on.
  • The back button in the customer set up screen will now take you back to the previous screen when accessed via the appointment toast.
  • Improvements have been made to the user experience while rescheduling appointments.
  • A guest will now receive the appointment acknowledgement email for all appointments. We will no longer look at the customers confirmation opt-in preferences for acknowledgement emails.
  • We have reduced the time needed for an appointment to be clicked and held before it can be moved or resized.
  • Dates and times shown on Appointment Book will now be correct and adjusted for culture and timezone when using Safari and iOS Devices.
  • The transaction date that is displayed will be based on the date the sale was completed.
  • Users with access to a large number of sites will now be able to log on without issue.
  • Appointments made with 3 or more services will be booked correctly when using Internet Explorer.
  • When searching for a customer via the customer search field, if the user stops typing characters the cursor will now remain in the customer search field.
  • You can now search for a customer, view their history and select the back button, without having to search for customer again.
  • The right age of consent within the privacy policy text is now showing correctly in view and config mode.
  • Only sites that are subscribed to the Cloud module will now appear in the “Change Site” list.

Online Forms

  • “Accept Data Medical Storage” and “Accept Data Privacy Policy” fields display have been modified so that they are aligned and labels are clear.
  • The client information card application has been corrected to display and save the correct values for opt-in/out.
  • In the Console,  Customized Online Forms application has been modified to allow a user to edit or delete a existing form successfully.
  • The Client Information card will now load correctly and show the configured customer information fields.
  • Age groups will now be handled correctly when selected in the form.

Online Bookings

  • An appointment alert on iCalendar is now set to 1 hour before the start time of a guest appointment.
  • Calender appointment details will now be displayed in the correct culture.
  • Numbers will be required to be entered into the Phone Number field of the registration process for a guest to create or edit a profile.


  • mylocalsalon’s cookies privacy policy has now been updated to reflect new GDPR requirements.
  • Business Logos that are uploaded will now display correctly on a companies MLS business page.
  • A guest will be able to successfully login to their mylocalsalon profile using their Facebook login without error.

Upfront Payments

  • Online Booking users will now be able to successful remove their credit card details from their Upfront Payment profile.
  • Upfront Payments has been modified to consider the tax exempt status of client while calculating the upfront payment amount. Fusion has been modified as well to consider client tax exemption status while performing upfront payment redemption.
  • Bookings will no longer be removed from Fusion once payment has been made successful.

Mobile Guest App

  • Last updated balance date and time in the loyalty tile will now be displayed as per the sites culture.
  • The mobile phone number on the verification screen will now be masked.
  • The correct string will be displayed on the verification screen when the verification code cannot be sent via email or SMS.
  • The correct string will be displayed when adding the same loyalty card twice.
  • By selecting ‘no’ against the setting ‘Allow program signups in the app’ in programs console it will now be reflected in the loyalty tile.
  • Self Check-in tile will now adhere to the show confirmation setting in the console.

Communication Preferences Page

  • Guests will now be able to update their communication preferences via a mobile device webpage.
  • Guests now will now be presented with the message “Contact business to change preferences.” when attempting to update their communication preferences if the site is running a version of Fusion lower than 8.0.28.


  • Loyalty points will no longer accrue on a canceled loyalty account.

Ratings and Reviews 

  • The Rating widget has been corrected to display ratings & reviews information.
  • You will be able to successfully share a customers rating and review to Facebook without error.
  • Spotlights quick search will no longer skip sites when using the arrows to scroll up and down the list.
  • A customers ratings and review email will now be sent if the setting “If rating email are allowed to be sent” is set to ON for that customer.


  • The quick search will no longer skip sites when using the arrows to scroll up and down the list.


  • Users can now book in class booking appointments using #class client.

Self Check-in 

  • The Wallboard screen has been corrected and will now display the correct walk-in guests remaining in queue.

Customer Console 

  • The password reset email will be sent to the login client email address.
  • Only users with company managers access will be able to assign ‘Call Center Operator’ permissions to other users.

Brooke Morkham-Calvert
Brooke Morkham-Calvert
Evolution Specialist and trainer extraordinaire, Brooke Morkham-Calvert is dedicated to providing Shortcuts clients with the support they need to make using Shortcuts as easy as possible. Having worked at Shortcuts for more than twelve years, Brooke knows the software inside and out, and has all the insider tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Shortcuts.