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Hey Victoria, meet Lilly!

Hey Victoria, meet Lilly!

Meet the newest member of the Shorties team: our Victorian Sales Manager, Lilly! We were as keen to get to know Lilly as you are, so we pulled her aside during a recent trip to Shortcuts HQ to ask her a few questions and get to know her a little better.

Describe your role to us

It’s been a busy few weeks! So far I’ve been hitting the pavement around Melbourne and Victoria meeting with Shortcuts users to make sure they are getting the most out of their software. I have also been meeting with new salons, spas and barber shops to help them find technology to suit their needs.

Sum up your style in a few words

Hmm… Classic with an edge.

How do you take your coffee?


So you’re from Melbourne… what’s your favourite:


South Yarra… Hands down.


Chin Chins. It’s a classic.

Coffee shop

Brunettis. They also do a mean spritz if the mood strikes!


I’m a big fan of the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria). There’s always something great to see.

Best kept secret

If I told you I’d have to kill you.

What did you do before joining Shortcuts?

I’ve been working in the beauty industry in some form for 30 years, primarily with makeup, skincare and cosmeceuticals. My passion for skin health in particular has lead me to work with some really amazing brands in the skincare space.

What do you love about hair and beauty?

I guess the biggest thing for me is the tactile, creative nature of our industry. As well as all the amazing relationships I have formed over the years, I love how everyone can relate to hair and beauty. Who doesn’t want to look and feel good?

What’s inspiring you right now?

I’ve been keeping a close eye on skincare brand Rationale — they are doing such interesting things in the skincare space. Their products are also amazing and I love that their brand has a bit of an ‘edge’. One to watch for sure!

Why is great software so important in this industry?

Great software can literally transform the lives of business owners and their teams. I don’t think anyone actually enjoys spending time on tasks like reporting when they could be doing what they love. The beauty of software like Shortcuts is the way it automates the mundane and helps businesses grow.

Do you have a favourite Shortcuts feature?

Hmm… that really depends on what you need to get out of your software. One tool that everyone needs is Cloud Reporting. In a nutshell, this allows you to step away from the salon while having access to info like your trading summary and employee performance right in the palm of your hand!

Any words to leave us with?

If you are a Victorian business owner or manager looking to get more out of your salon software, get in touch. I’d love to meet up for a coffee and chat about how Shortcuts can help your business thrive! You can reach me here.