How these top salons beat COVID-19 this week

While last week was grim and gloomy in the world of online bookings for our clients, the first few days of this week were BUSY… and things aren't slowing down. When we dug into the numbers we were seeing, we found some absolute 🌟 star performers 🌟. We asked them how they did it - and they told us. Find out how. Read More

Sort out your Instagram with this FREE Health Check!

Instagram is a fantastic platform to promote your work, communicate with clients and build your community during these uncertain times. This FREE Instagram Health Check will help you set up your Instagram the right way so you can start building a loyal community of followers and clients. Read More

9 productive tasks for your team to do while closed

Now is a great time to re-energise your staff and set some little projects to keep morale up. We’ve collated some of the things we think would be great for your teams to spend some time on – and we’ve even got some we can help you with! Read More

How Diior10 got their Social Sorted

For every one of those fabulous salon influencers whose every post garners thousands of likes, there are a thousand salons struggling to get any but the barest response to their online activity. Yet the pressure is on to perform digitally. It’s the window to your business, say the… Read More