Meet Andy Pearson

Country kid turned inner-city barber, lover of fine Scotch whisky, purveyor of fine haircuts, co-owner of Ziggy’s Barber Salon. At just 27 years of age, Andy has already ticked off some major life goals, but his success story has only just begun.

Andy Ziggys and client

Ziggy’s Barber Salon is a modern old school barber shop (for ladies and gents), located in Sydney’s Surry Hills. Andy and the team offer everything from fashion forward styles with a creative twist, to buzz cuts, to old-fashioned cutthroat shaves.

Sydney city Ziggys Barber Salon

“Buying into the salon gave me purpose, it was a dream come true. I’m so happy to be where I am and to have a place to call home. It’s not just a business, it’s family. I love being here every day.

“I always wanted to create a space that everyone loves, where everyone feels comfortable. I think that makes it a better experience for our guests. Ziggy’s is their second home, as much as it is mine. I have guys getting their hair done every nine days!”

– Andy Pearson, Co-owner, Ziggy’s Barber Salon

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Ziggys Barber Salon Team

“I moved to Sydney after holidaying here and falling for the place. There is something for everyone here, there are so many small towns within the bigger city. I did a lot of soul searching when I arrived. I moved around a lot and eventually found my people.”

Ziggys Business Performance Calculator

“We use Shortcuts to keep track of things like which team member has the most rebookings or the most product sales for the week. Once a week I have a sit down with them one-on-one to see how they’re doing and whether we can push them even further.”