Get set for sweet success!

Number crunching is no fun! That’s why we created Cloud Reporting: a gorgeous, easy‑to‑use dashboard in the cloud. It’s time to take charge of your business success and create a #sweeterlife

Know your numbers

It’s never been easier to understand how your business is really performing and focus on making it a sweet success.

Cloud Reporting lets you easily spot the trends and tailor your approach to make your business more profitable.

This brand new feature gives you instant access to your business performance stats no matter where you are.

You can view all your essential reports from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet, without having to worry about crunching the numbers.

I want the sweet stuff!

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“I love Cloud Reporting. If I’m not in the salon I can easily log on and see how my team is performing, and how many sales we’ve done for the day. It’s important to know that I’ve got technology I can rely on.”
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Your sweet surprise is here: Cloud Reporting

People always bang on about knowing your numbers, but what the heck does that actually mean? Spending hours combing through spreadsheets? Yeah, no thanks. For those of you sitting there with your fingers and toes crossed, longing for a more visual way to check your numbers, Shortcuts is going to act like Willy Wonka and grant your biggest wish…
Feb / 23 / 2019
Caitlin Adamson
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Sweet sensation: From 100s to 1000s with Cloud Reporting

Our latest salon software release, Cloud Reporting, is here to help turn your 100’s to 1000’s, quick-smart. And while there are plenty of reasons to love this lil sweet sensation, we have just a few we’d like to sprinkle your way.
Feb / 25 / 2019
Caitlin Adamson
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Your ultimate guide to a sweeter life

Finding the sweet spot when it comes to work/life/fun/friends/family/exercise and all your other commitments sure ain’t easy! This guide has all the tips you need to live out your dreams.
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*Software updates and new features including Cloud Reporting are available to Shortcuts customers on ongoing maintenance only. If you are not currently on a maintenance package we will be in touch shortly to upgrade you. To continue using the Cloud Reporting you will also need to upgrade to an Essentials, Evolve or Elevate package.