1994, age 11.

Fleur Murphy

Our resident xxx, xx and marketing pro can xxx, and knows xxx. Rewind to 1994 and meet 11-year-old Fleur. She’s a bit of a dreamer, she’s xx, and she knows what she wants. Turns out, things haven’t changed so much after all.

It’s 1994, and my favourite outfit is: Leggings and a tshirt (see exhibit A, above). The hair accessory I can’t live without is: My collection of scrunchies. I’m listening to: East 17 on my Walkman. I spend most of my time: Outside of school and ballet classes, I’m mostly reading or creating things. I love making cute little creatures out of modelling clay. I couldn’t live without: My journal and my best friend, Alison. In 25 years’ time I wanted to be: A novelist (still d0).