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Your guide to influencer marketing

Posted on 28th November 2017 by Danielle Lewis

Influencer Marketing Webinar Thumbnail

Guest presenter, Danielle Lewis Co-Founder and CEO of Scrunch will be dishing up all of her knowledge on influencer marketing in this month’s FREE webinar!

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Your guide to becoming a content marketing master

Posted on 27th June 2017 by Kylie Lewis

2017 06 Kylie Of Kin June Webinar

Have you heard talk of content marketing and wondered how you can harness its power for your business? Or, if it’s already part of your strategy, is it on point enough to keep your business top of mind and tip of tongue?

If you want to learn the ins and outs of content marketing, make sure to tune into this webinar hosted by Kylie from Of Kin.

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Getting the most out of mylocalsalon

Posted on 24th November 2014 by Brooke Morkham-Calvert

My Local Salon Thumbnail

Want to get more new clients through your door this holiday season? Watch this webinar and discover how to maximise your mylocalsalon profile and use specials to attract new clients.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create a standout mylocalsalon profile
  • Attract more new clients using weekly specials
  • Set up and manage mylocalsalon promotions
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Staying in touch with your clients automatically

Posted on 17th February 2014 by Brooke Morkham-Calvert

Staying In Touch

Give your marketing mix a makeover in 2014 and watch your profits soar! Tune in to this free educational webinar to learn all about the smart marketing tools you already have at your fingertips in Shortcuts. We’ll show you the best ways to reach your clients with email and SMS marketing, and demonstrate the latest tools you may not know about.

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Create high-impact email designs

Posted on 25th November 2013 by Brooke Morkham-Calvert

Create High Impact

Did you know you can easily set up high-impact email templates using the Drag 'n' Drop feature? Watch this webinar and find out how to set up your marketing emails.

You will learn:

  • How the new Drag 'n' Drop feature works
  • What's new in Set & Forget Marketing
  • Tips and tricks for editing your images without Photoshop.
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Set & Forget Marketing tips

Posted on 29th July 2013 by Brooke Morkham-Calvert

Set And Forget

Take a tour of Set & Forget Marketing and learn how to use:

  • Mobile-friendly email templates
  • The WYSIWYG editor
  • Client demographics
  • Campaign snapshot reports.
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