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GiftME™ FAQs

What is it?

GiftME™ is a fully-integrated gift card solution for single-site and multi-site businesses alike. It provides safely merchandisable cards processed online, in real-time for maximum security.

How does it work?

You purchase a series of gift cards from Shortcuts Software. These gift cards have a unique identity number and barcode for easy scanning. When your clients purchase a gift card, it is activated for the amount that the client wishes. This online activation means you can display your cards with confidence, because even if one is stolen it is worthless until it is activated.

Can I have my gift cards designed for my business?

Yes! We have a design service to help you create the perfect design that suits your business and branding.

Can my clients purchase them online or through my website?

Yes. If you have an online shop you can add the gift cards to your shop and sell them online.

Where do the cards get sent from to my clients?

If you were selling gift cards via your online shop, you would send the gift cards directly to your clients.

What is the minimum number of gift cards I can order?


Is there an expiry date on gift cards?

Yes and that is up to you – you decide on the expiry period you would like on your gift cards when you purchase the gift card numbers.

What is the maximum value we can add to them?

The maximum is also allocated when you purchase the gift card numbers. You decide what you would like this to be.

Do we choose the dollar value that can be added or is it pre-set?

You choose! The value of the cards is allocated when they are purchased and activated through Shortcuts.

Can I check the balance of a gift card?
Yes. This is easy to do from Shortcuts point of sale.


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