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BookME™ FAQs

What is it?

BookME™ is the most powerful online booking solution on the market. Easy to use and fully integrated with Shortcuts, it allows you to control and take appointments without overlapping and double-booking.

Can anyone see my appointment book?

No, you maintain complete privacy. It is a step-by-step process to make a booking online. Your clients will select the service, date and time then BookME™ will return them a list of available times.

How can I tell which appointments were made online?

All bookings made online will be show up as bright yellow in your Appointment Book. You can also utilize the BookME™ Statics report to track the number of new clients reached as well as total number of appointments made using online booking.

Can I add the link to my Facebook page?

Yes! We have a free Facebook application that you can easily add to your business Facebook page to give your business even more exposure to new clients 24/7.

Is there an iPhone app?

Yes! Your clients can easily make appointments with you on the go with the mylocalsalon iPhone App.

Can I deter unwanted bookings?

You can use the option to request credit card authorization when making an online appointment to deter any unwanted bookings.

What if I don’t have a website?

Your clients can book through:

  • A free Facebook app for BookME™ allowing your clients to book appointments straight from your business page. To spread the word about your business even further, your employees can also choose to add the application to their own personal pages, where their friends and family can book an appointment at your business.
  • Links in your Set & Forget Marketing™ email messages 

What does it look like?

You can choose from a variety of eight unique themes for the online booking templates. Or we can work with you to custom-create your own affordable design with Shortcuts DesignME™.

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