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Posted on 19th February 2016 by Stephanie Heslop

We are about to release some updates to Shortcuts Live. These updates will be released on Monday 22 February 2016.

If you have any questions please call us on 1300 667 374.

Appointment Book

  • We have improved the overall performance and speed of the Appointment Book.
  • When you view the appointment information popup, you will now see the name of all services that make up that appointment, including any sub-services.
  • You can now see appointments and tasks in the Appointment Book even if they are scheduled for a day that your business is normally closed. 
  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that appointments are created in the appropriate order without any overlapping services.
  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that when you click away from a "booking in progress", it will disappear.

Point of Sale

  • We have improved the way tips in your Point of Sale work, ensuring they can be removed and added without any issues.


  • You can now see details of discounts for all items in a sale on the Transactions screen.

Business setup

  • We have resolved an issue to ensure that a your logo will always be saved after you upload it.

Employee setup

  • You can now deactivate employees as needed.


  • When you create a roster, the correct "bookable" and "payable" settings will be saved.

Service Setup

  • Service categories you have marked as "inactive" in Service Setup will no longer be displayed in Online Booking.

Salon app

  • We have improved the Booking Confirmation screen, ensuring you will no longer see duplicate entries, and that the total price will be accurately calculated.
  • We have improved the My Appointments screen to ensure all new bookings appear as soon as they have been made.

Set & Forget Marketing

  • Some critical changes have been made to improve the performance of your Set & Forget Marketing.
Stephanie Heslop

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Evolution Specialist and former beauty therapist Stephanie Heslop has more than eight years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry. Steph is our local webinar guru and loves showing off Shortcuts' latest and greatest features, so salons can get the most out of their software.

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