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Latest Shortcuts Fusion Updates

Posted on 8th April 2016 by Stephanie Heslop

We have released some updates to Shortcuts Fusion. These changes affect your Shortcuts system, as well as your S.M.A.R.T. System.

These updates will take affect when you use Shortcuts Updates to upgrade to the latest version.

Version no: 8.0.16

If you have any questions please call us on 1300 667 374.

New features

Appointment Book

  • To help you manage your day more effectively, we have created a tool to help you reserve a percentage of your Appointment Book for walk-in clients. This smart tool will notify you if you attempt to select a time slot that will exceed your allocated threshold, and will shade over the area in the Appointment Book once capacity has been reached. Check out how it works in this video 
  • We have created a visual tool to help you easily identify booking availability. These indicators change colour to reflect how booked an employee or particular time slot on the appointment book is for the day. Check out how it works in this video

Fixes and improvements

Appointment Book

  • Employees can now only be booked on days and times when they are scheduled to work.
  • Now, only employees with a position number will be displayed in the Appointment Book. 
  • We have improved the overall performance and stability of the Appointment Book.

Point of Sale

  • You can now refund a transaction that has a club or promotional discount applied.
  • You will no longer see an error when refunds are issued through the Client History Screen.
  • The appropriate rounding will now be applied at Point of Sale when a client pays with cash. 
  • We have improved the performance of the Point of Sale, so you can now successfully complete gift card, membership, and loyalty transactions.


  • The Promotions screen is now accurately displaying the quantity of sales containing promotions.

History Notes

  • You now have the option to either enable or disable automated visit notes. You can do this by checking “Auto assign visit notes”.
  • You can now create a new visit note even when a filter is applied to the History Screen.


  • We have resolved an issue that was preventing Client Profile Cards from successfully printing.


  • When you are creating an order you can now only choose from active products.

Call Centre

  • Appointments deleted in Call Centre are now also immediately deleted from the Appointment Book. 

Walk-in Manager

  • You can now modify all visits and appointments in Walk-in Manager.
  • "In Service" tickets will now automatically print one copy only.

S.M.A.R.T. System


  • You can now suspend a member when their status is "waiting".
  • You can now suspend a member who is on an upfront (once-only) payment plan.
  • Each member's benefit count will now be correctly updated when they redeem a benefit through a negative line redemption.
  • Taxes will now be rounded and calculated correctly for negative line benefit redemptions.
  • The Balance Inquiry screen will no longer display a renewal date when it does not apply to a benefit item.
  • You can now use the "Membership Warnings" filter in the Appointment Book without receiving an error.


  • You can now successfully choose the "Alternate Card" option when selecting a member.

Global Clients

  • An issue has been resolved that was preventing client names with an apostrophe from being added.
  • Client records downloaded from Global Clients now contain all relevant member details.
Stephanie Heslop

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Evolution Specialist and former beauty therapist Stephanie Heslop has more than eight years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry. Steph is our local webinar guru and loves showing off Shortcuts' latest and greatest features, so salons can get the most out of their software.

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