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Meet the Shorties Mo Bros (and Sistas!)

The Shorties Mo Bros are here to challenge the status quo and help change the face of men's health for Movember!


John Fisher

Fundraising goal: $1000

Movember goal: I’d love to grow one of those curly French ones… Let’s see!

What I do at Shortcuts: I’m the VP of Service Delivery, which is kind of a fancy way of saying I help our team take the best possible care of our customers.

Why I’m helping change the face of men’s health: Men’s health is a personal issue for me. I lost my father to prostate cancer a few years ago. The reality is, he was a typical bloke and ignored all the signs. Sadly, he’d be here today if he’d bothered to get seen to. If you’re a bloke over 40, just go get yourself tested. Sure, it’s not the most pleasant thing you’ll do that day, but it’s a small sacrifice if it’s going to save your life.

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Melissa Payne

Fundraising goal: $1000

Movember goal: I’m going to colour my hair blue!

What I do at Shortcuts: I’m the Marketing Assistant, so I do lots of writing and organising and helping our clients get the most out of their software.

Why I’m helping change the face of men’s health: Movember seems like a fun way to raise money that will help tackle some of the biggest health issues faced by men. I have heaps of male friends who will ignore it if they get sick and pretend everything is fine. They always seem to avoid going to the doctors because they don’t feel comfortable admitting to any kind of weakness. It’s a social norm that’s become ingrained in society. I wish men would feel more comfortable addressing their health, because there is nothing to be ashamed of!

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Murray Ralph

Fundraising goal: $1000

Movember goal: If I can grow a mo that people can actually see by the end of the month, I'll be happy!

What I do at Shortcuts: I am responsible for rolling out our software so businesses can start it as quickly as possible. I also help ensure everyone gets access to the training they need.

Why I’m helping change the face of men’s health: Like so many people I have a personal story about prostate cancer. One of my family members is currently battling it. I'm participating in Movember to help raise awareness of men's health. For me, the ideal outcome would be that men would go to the doctor and get tested, and that the test itself wasn't so stigmatised.

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Fleur Murphy

Fundraising goal: $1000

Movember goal: I’m changing my hair from red to bright pink!

What I do at Shortcuts: I manage the Marketing team here in Australia.

Why I’m helping change the face of men’s health: I decided to join our Movember team because I see too many men around me who don’t ask for help when they need it. Issues like mental health are pretty much taboo, particularly with blokes. I’d like to see more of my male friends actually talking to each other about what they’re experiencing, and not just the good stuff. So many guys make a big show of camaraderie – but being a good mate means being a shoulder to lean on too.

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Huon Siebert

Fundraising goal: $1000

Movember goal: I’ve just shaved my beard off so I can start growing a fresh one for Movember!

What I do at Shortcuts: I help deal with all the really tricky support questions that come our way.

Why I’m helping change the face of men’s health: I come from a family of farmers who are all very stoic and not the kind of people to talk about the bad things. In my experience, no matter how awful we’re feeling or how depressing the situation is, we don’t talk about it. I know I’m guilty of that – I don’t talk to my mates about what I’m going through, and I know I should. There are any number of health issues that, as blokes, we don’t talk about. I’d like to help change that, and encourage guys to talk to each other – and not just about sport!

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Kamy Tyson

Fundraising goal: $1000

Movember goal: I’ll be helping raise funds by offering hair and grooming services in return for a donation.

What I do at Shortcuts: I teach our customers how to use their Shortcuts system.

Why I’m helping change the face of men’s health: I'd really like to help get the awareness out there about men's health. It's something that's not really discussed or talked about much, and it's great to be able to encourage blokes to speak up and speak out about what they might be going through.

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