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Like the majority of business owners, you probably started out with a well-planned strategy for success.

You knew exactly how you would build your clinic from the ground up, attracting new clients with some clever promotional tactics, and providing an experience so exceptional that customers would hardly be able to wait for their next appointment.

On the day you first threw open the doors of your business, you were sure you were on the fast track to success. Nothing is quite as exhilarating as seeing your plans falling into place!

As time went by and the day-to-day challenges of managing your own clinic started to take the edge of your enthusiasm, you might have started to feel that perhaps something was missing from your original plan.

The truth is, in the digital age, having a few marketing tricks up your sleeve and providing excellent customer service is no longer enough to ensure your business thrives.

Why? Because today’s consumers expect more. They want to build a real relationship with you and your business, and they expect to be able to interact with you in a way that suits their lifestyle.

The key is to find a way to earn their trust, so that you can lead them on a journey that ends in them making a purchase – or even multiple purchases – without them ever realising you’ve been there guiding them along.

By skilfully and subtly managing the entire client experience – from the moment they first hear about your business, to the day they come in for their first visit, and beyond – you will soon start to reap enormous rewards.

You’ll find customers will stay with you for the long term, and you’ll soon be able to watch your profits grow.

Achieving this all comes down to knowing what journey works best for your clients, and refining your strategy accordingly. Your approach will be unique – and will be shaped by the lives your clients live.

At Brisbane Anti Wrinkle & Skin Studio, we are fast building a reputation for excellence, which means word of mouth is our single most powerful tool for attracting new clients.

Once potential clients hear about us, they will seek us out online. We have a strong web presence, and our website lets people discover what kind of difference we can make in their lives.

Critically, they can also choose to book their free initial consultation – or even their first treatment – right then and there on our website.

When clients come in for their first visit, we listen to them and work with them to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is completely individualised to suit their specific needs.

We then book them in for three or four appointments throughout the year, securing our revenue stream while ensuring they will get the results they want.

It’s easy to see when we have that balance right, by monitoring how many clients follow through with their treatment plan. We know that 70% of our clients are coming back for repeat visits, so we know this approach is working.

One of the reasons they return for more is because we maintain very high standards in everything we do. For us, it’s about so much more than just customer service – our clients trust us to provide excellent treatment outcomes.

This strategy has helped us achieve some incredible results, from a business perspective. In 2014, we brought in almost $60,000 in revenue from new clients who booked their very first appointment with us online.

On the back of this success, we are looking at opening another three clinics in Queensland over the next two years.

Professionally this is incredibly rewarding – nothing motivates me more than devising a plan, rolling it out and watching it succeed!


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