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Tell your sustainability story!

Posted on 3rd April 2017 by Paul Frasca

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So you’ve made your salon business sustainable… that’s fantastic! But don’t let your hard work and commitment go to waste; market it!

April is Earth Month, which is the perfect time to create awareness in your community about your sustainability message. By simply identifying a few opportunities around you, you can easily grow your salon’s profile… and your bottom line, too.

Offer a helping hand

Sustainability is not just about being environmentally friendly – it’s also about creating strong, self-sufficient communities so that both our people and planet can thrive well into the future. Is there a local charity that could benefit from your skills or resources? Why not organise a fundraising event or campaign? Create a local connection and a new story for your salon, and then get your staff, clients and other businesses involved.

Get recognised

Have you looked into local business and sustainability awards? You’ll be surprised how many are out there – these are often run by council, large corporations (such as Telstra), government departments or not-for-profit organisations. Awards submissions do take some time, serious thought and preparation, but the return you get in experience and brand awareness (if you win!) is definitely worth it. Start by researching the awards that your salon business would have the best chance at winning, then gather your content before you sit down to start your submission (for Sustainable Salons Australia members, head office can even provide you with your salon’s recycling footprint). If you’re successful, be sure to splash your win all over your salon windows, social media and in the local newspaper!

Shout all about it

On that note, local media coverage is a fantastic way to gain new business, and the sustainability message is a hot topic that captures plenty of attention. Put together a simple, punchy media release that highlights what makes your salon sustainable… if this is not in your skill set, find a media savvy friend, family member or client to help you. Be sure to include why sustainability is important to your salon, the programs/initiatives you’re part of, awards you’ve won and how you’re helping the local community. Don’t forget to include some great photos to illustrate your salon’s sustainability stories! And if you’re ready to go one step further, why not contact your local member and let them know what you’re up to – you never know where an opportunity will lead.

Paul Frasca

about the author

Paul Frasca started his hairdressing career at the age of 11. He was a salon owner by the age of 19. Winning a prestigious hairdressing award took him to Europe where he styled an elite clientele for the next decade.

His passion for sustainability started when he lived in Amsterdam where he met his partner Ewelina Soroko, a passionate environmentalist.

Their travels brought them to Australia where they researched salon waste and discovered that hairdressers send one million kilos of aluminium foils to landfill every year. That was the catalyst to start Refoil, the industry’s first sustainably minded foiling concept. But their commitment to making salon waste history didn’t stop there.

In 2014 the pair started a revolutionary salon recycling program called Sustainable Salons Australia, awarded Best Business Service of the year in 2016 at the AHIAs and Best Business Performance of the year at the Hair Expo Awards. Most recently, Sustainable Salons Australia was presented with the Special Recognition Award at the 2017 AHIAs.

Paul also volunteers his time as a board director at The Australian Hairdressing Council where he is responsible for improving the industry’s environmental practices.

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