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After-party marketing

Posted on 25th March 2014 by Simone Young


There’s nothing like the hush after a big party to give you some time for self-reflection. As I cleared away the last of the champagne glasses after the Mars & Venus launch, I found myself dwelling on the daunting question: what next?

The event itself had been a roaring success. With a turnout of more than 80 people, the event had been a load of fun, and it was guaranteed to generate lots of positive buzz about our brand over the coming weeks. Yet there I was, sweeping the last strands of hair off the polished floor, feeling a huge sense of anticlimax.

When you have put so much time and energy into one evening, it’s easy to become blinkered by the whole experience. There’s nothing like hosting an enormous event to make you forget that business has to carry on after the party!

In the lead-up to the launch, I made the mistake of spending all of my time focusing on short-term goals. This was partly by necessity – it takes an enormous effort to pull off such an event – and partly because I let myself lose my usual focus on long-term planning.

Luckily, I did have one marketing trick up my sleeve. At the launch, we collected business cards from people when they entered the competition to win a 'his and hers' makeover package. This provided the perfect opportunity for us to grow our database and connect with these potential new clients.

I followed up with these clients by sending out an email with a special introductory offer, and then calling them to remind them about the special. People appreciated the personal approach, and 35% of the launch party attendees have visited us since for an appointment.

Although this was a successful tactic, I still needed to put a fixed plan in place to continue to grow the business. We couldn’t afford to have a lull – although it did seem inevitable as the whole team was exhausted, and I discovered to my horror that we had run out of brochures!

As we worked to build up the momentum again, I turned to social media to continue the conversation with our clients. Facebook is the perfect way to show some personality, and our Pinterest account is fantastic for sharing our inspiration.

Thankfully, this was enough to keep the bookings flowing in post-launch, and keep us on track towards achieving our next big goals.


about the author

After two decades working in the hair and beauty industry, Simone Young is realising her dream of opening her own salon. Simone’s vision for Mars & Venus hair in Richmond, Melbourne, is to create a vibrant space where clients feel at home. Simone also works part time as an online product specialist at Shortcuts.

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