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Adam is a fun loving family man first, life changing business coach second. In the business for 30 years as stylist and salon owner, he has developed a unique business system based on happiness, freedom and profitability.

He employs 20 people, has a training school and coaches a small number of salon owners. His online business program ‘The Salon Freedom Project’ is a comprehensive answer to building salon businesses and transforming lives. 

As well as personal development, industry specific business education, working with and employing the best mentors and coaches - while himself coaching hundreds of salon owners - Adam has an MBA and diploma in management consulting.

Adam focusses personal and business performance, and has spent years researching what makes a truly successful business. It’s not what most people think. 

Developing the right mind-set is key to any lasting success (which is ‘happiness’) and accepting that whatever happens to you is down to your own thinking. This where the biggest shifts can happen, and Adam helps salon owners make those shifts.

The one question you should be asking yourself

Posted on 22nd August 2016

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It’s tough running a salon, and it's easy to be hard on yourself. It is possible to make things much simpler if you just ask yourself one question.

As a salon owner and stylist, I spent years being frustrated at my lack of performance in building my business. I mean I was doing alright, but I couldn’t help feeling it should have been easier. I saw what other people were doing and I still had my dream, but it just wasn’t happening.

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