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The perks and pitfalls of opening a new salon

Posted on 20th November 2013 by Simone Young

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Owning my own salon has been my ultimate goal for what feels like forever. I’ve always found inspiration in the energy of a salon, and being able to create my own, vibrant, happy space is something I’ve always dreamed of.

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Your checklist for the festive season

Posted on 1st November 2013 by Fleur Murphy

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You’ve hung the tinsel, your favourite holiday tunes are playing, and the festive spirit is in the air… But are you completely prepared for the holidays? Marketing during the festive rush can be a juggling act, and without a watertight plan it can be easy to forget something important. To help you get organised we’ve prepared a handy holiday checklist for you.

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Motivating your Staff to Sell Retail

Posted on 29th October 2013 by Eric Perera

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If you've heard your staff say 'stylists are not salespeople!', Shortcuts sales expert Eric Perera has some great tips on how you can turn that around. There's an inner salesperson in all of us, here's how to find yours.

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Loyalty and retail sales: The best kept secret in the industry

Posted on 23rd October 2013 by Debbie Miller


Hate it when your clients buy professional beauty products from the drugstore down the street instead of your salon? Here's the easiest way to protect your business, and your future revenue, from this unfortunate trend known as diversion.

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Communicating successful promotions

Posted on 9th October 2013 by Eric Perera

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Communicating promotions successfully often comes down to the execution. Here are a few key pointers on how to make sure you are sending the right messages to the right people at the right time.

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